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Hospital Trebic

Hospital Trebic is a modern medical facility that provides a wide range of medical care at the highest level right in the city of Trebic. It is a key institution for residents and patients in the region, which focuses on providing comprehensive and quality services. Thanks to its long-standing presence and the high expertise of its staff, the hospital has earned the trust and respect of the public. In the following article, we will take a closer look at the history, services provided, modern facilities and other aspects of this important medical institution.

History and development of Trebic Hospital

The history of Trebic Hospital dates back to 1905, when it was founded as a municipal hospital. Over time, it grew and modernised to better meet the needs of patients. In 1994, the hospital was converted into a joint stock company and became a modern medical facility with a high level of care. In recent years, it has undergone a series of extensive renovations and investments in modern equipment to provide the latest diagnostic methods and treatment. Today, Trebic Hospital is one of the leading healthcare facilities in the region and its history is a testament to its long-standing commitment to providing quality healthcare in the city of Trebic.

Health services provided in Trebic Hospital

The Trebic Hospital provides a wide range of health services that are available in the city. Here you can find specialized departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics and others. The hospital also offers diagnostic examinations such as ultrasound, X-ray or CT scan. There is also the possibility of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Patients can rely on quality care and an individual approach to each individual.

Modern equipment and technology at Trebic Hospital

Modern equipment and technology play a key role in the provision of quality healthcare at Trebic Hospital. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment that enable diagnostics and treatment at the highest level.

In the field of diagnostics, the hospital has modern CT and MRI equipment, which enable detailed imaging of internal organs and tissues. Ultrasound diagnostics, endoscopy and other special examinations are also available.

To perform surgical procedures, the hospital is equipped with operating theatres with the latest technology. For example, laparoscopic instruments are available to minimize the invasiveness of operations.

Hospital Trebic also boasts a modern intensive care unit, which has advanced monitoring systems and ventilators to support patients' vital functions.

In the field of cancer treatment, the hospital is equipped with a linear accelerator for radiotherapy, which allows targeted radiation of tumours with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Thanks to modern equipment and technologies, the Trebic hospital is able to provide comprehensive healthcare at the highest level and ensure fast and accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Qualified staff and expert teams at Trebic Hospital

The Trebic Hospital boasts qualified staff and expert teams that provide healthcare at the highest level. The hospital employs doctors with extensive experience and specialisations in various fields such as surgery, internal medicine, gynaecology and paediatrics. Every patient is welcomed at the Trebic hospital with a professional approach and an individual approach to their health condition. Specialist teams work together with each other and with other healthcare facilities to provide comprehensive care for patients. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, the staff and teams are able to diagnose and treat various diseases effectively and safely.

Collaboration with other healthcare facilities in the region

Hospital Trebic is proud of its long-standing cooperation with other medical facilities in the region. Together, we strive to provide comprehensive and quality health care for the residents of Trebic and surrounding villages. Our hospital cooperates mainly with the polyclinic, which is located near our facility. Thanks to this cooperation, we can provide patients with comprehensive care in one place - from diagnosis to treatment. We also work with other specialized medical facilities in the area to ensure that our patients have access to the specialists and specific medical services they need. Together, we strive to continually develop and improve our services to make healthcare in our region the best it can be.

Innovative projects and research at Trebic Hospital

The Trebic Hospital is dedicated to continuous development and innovation in the healthcare sector. It cooperates with leading experts and institutions in its innovative projects and research. The hospital is involved in several research programs focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Through these projects, the hospital is able to provide modern and effective treatment methods that bring better outcomes and quality of life to patients. Research also focuses on discovering new drugs and therapies that can be used to fight serious diseases. Innovative projects and research are an integral part of the philosophy of Trebic Hospital, which aims to provide patients with state-of-the-art treatment and care options.

Comfort and convenience for patients at Trebic Hospital

At Trebic Hospital, great emphasis is placed on the comfort and convenience of patients. The modern and pleasant environment creates a favourable atmosphere for treatment and recovery. The rooms are spacious, bright and equipped with all necessary facilities. Patients have the opportunity to use the free Wi-Fi connection, which allows them to be constantly connected with their loved ones. There is also a television with a wide range of channels, which helps to reduce the time spent in the hospital. A modern bed with adjustable positioning is available for comfortable sleeping. For meals, patients are served balanced and tasty meals that are prepared under the supervision of expert dieticians. Overall, the Trebic hospital makes sure that patients feel as well as possible and have all the comfort needed for a speedy recovery.

Opening hours and contact details of Trebic Hospital

The Trebic Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For acute cases, there is an emergency department which is ready to provide non-stop emergency medical assistance. For scheduled visits and examinations, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance by calling the hospital reception. Contact details are as follows: telephone: +420 123 456 789, email: If you have any questions about the services provided or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the staff of Trebic Hospital, who will be happy to help you.

In conclusion, we would like to recommend everyone to use the health services provided at Trebic Hospital. Thanks to modern equipment and technology, the highest level of care is provided here. Qualified staff and expert teams will take care of your health with a professional approach. Cooperation with other medical facilities in the region allows for comprehensive treatment and care. Trebic Hospital also supports innovative projects and research that bring new treatment options. Patient comfort and convenience are a priority, which is reflected in the equipped rooms and modern environment. Opening hours are adapted to the needs of patients and the hospital can be contacted by phone or e-mail. We recommend using the Trebic Hospital for quality and safe treatment in your city.

Published: 22. 11. 2023

Category: Health

Author: Eliška Zemanová

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